Happy Thanksgiving!

Ni hao! Well, hello everybody.  I am currently in Taiwan for Thanksgiving break, the home of one of my very best friends, Chelsea.  Also, sorry for the sudden bombardment of photos, I took them all today and I still have tons more to show you!  I will do a second post soon :) You'll love the way people dress here in Taiwan, it's a bit japanese in the way that they layer, and I have tons of stalker pictures of their clothes to show you guys.  But for now, I will show you my goofy family photos.

So far, we've gone to a museum, shopping, to a 1980's-replica-of-a-street movie set, to a temple, and eaten and walked A LOT.  Our feet have been sore almost every day, and my mother bought me the BEST things for Christmas.  But I can't use any of it yet because they are my Christmas presents, which is kind of frustrating.  Patience is a virtue. Hmmm...OH! At the museum, I was entertaining my little sister with games like Chopsticks and Redhands when this tour group comes with a bunch of old ladies.  The ladies come up to us and start speaking to us in chinese and we're like "............ni hao.............." and for some odd reason they thought we were russian and said DAS VEE DANYA!  My little sister looked at me like *who are these crazy people and why are they touching my head?*.  I was quite amused.
It's all been so cool, and I've heard that Taipei isn't supposed to be the most beautiful. But I would have to disagree.  It's awesome.  I love the hustle and bustle of the city, and how the streets are lined with trees, it reminds me of Singapore.
Anyway, I hope you all had an AMAZING Thanksgiving!
Wo ai ni,

Sunglasses - RayBan's
Shirt - IIMK
Wool Shirt Dress - IIMK
Black Flats - J. Crew
(Sorry, my clothes were limited.  Otherwise I would've worn this with tights and my cowboy boots or some scrunchy boots.)


  1. Fab photos! Your dress is adorable.
    I love the art work on the brick wall. Xx
    Ps - Followed you. :)

  2. sweet photos, your little sister is adorable - you look really really similar! x

  3. Aw you took some great pictures, you and your sister are so cute together! Oh and I love your dress, great job ;) xx

  4. hahah that girl posing in pictures with you is so adorable!!!

  5. haha thanks. she's my little sister and she's kind of hilarious XD


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